The ICSRC will have a significant online presence in which it will perform a number of crucial roles for the EuroMAB network.It will:

  • be a hub for research findings from across the EuroMAB network
  • host databases for the collection and collation of data from BRs throughout the EuroMAB region
  • encourage the democratization of multiple sources of data for application in decision-making. These data will be available to BR scientists for processing and analysis.
  • be a repository for case studies on best practices in sustainable development and education tools and resources that will be available for access by practitioners across the network
  • be a platform for survey-based evaluation of sustainable development strategies
  • location for sharing best practices, training opportunities, funding opportunities and more.


Preliminary investigations with advice from industry experts suggest that a wiki website would best serve the information needs of EuroMAB members. More information about the Virtual Platform can be downloaded here, and this page will be updated as more information becomes available.